25 - 27 October
Martyn Myer Arena, VCA

Performed as part of VCA’s Masters of Directing for Performance Graduate Season.

MB Cat's Neck-1664.jpg

22 May - 1 June
Bordello Room, KXT

”"This is an excellent production by a small Sydney theatre company that keeps getting better and better."
Lisa Thatcher


8-19 January
Old 505 Theatre

“a masterful new work… executed to perfection.”
- Weekend Notes


10-16 September
The Butterfly Club
Melbourne Fringe Festival

“a brave and ambitious show about resilience in the face of setbacks.”
- Weekend Notes


19-23 September
PACT Theatre
Sydney Fringe

"The experience is exceptional. Cleansed will cause your brain to short-circuit into half-formed ideas and interpretations, leaving your body to physically feel the emotions of the play."
- Lesbians On The Loose


29 November - 10 December
PACT Theatre

"Lusty-Cavallari has turned the traditional framework of this classic play on its side, offering up a raw and visually stunning performance that might finally cure your fear of ye olde theatre."
- Twenty Something Humans


5-16 April
107 Projects

The Big Bruise deftly ironizes the social mythologies that occlude the persisting stigma of suicide. Lusty-Cavallari’s work here as writer/director is wry and light of touch.”
- The Rochford Street Review

Hamlet MB-7328.jpg

1-5 September
PACT Theatre

Montague Basement’s Hamlet is unlike any seen before. This well known tragedy has been reshaped and reconceptualised under Lusty-Cavallari’s direction”
- Aussie Theatre


15-19 September
Old 505 Theatre
Sydney Fringe

“A standout in a very crowded, very high-quality Fringe season.”
- Honi Soit


16-20 September
Tap Gallery
Sydney Fringe

“Lusty-Cavallari’s work is conceived with complexity, but his execution is articulate and concise. His talent is real, and its development is incredibly exciting.”
- Suzy Goes See


30 July - 9 August
Studio B
Sydney University Dramatic Society

”There is no question that Lusty-Cavallari’s first production with professional performers will deliver impressive results; the amount of potential hastening to rupture is unmistakable.”
-Suzy Goes See


26-29 March
Studio B
Sydney University Dramatic Society

“It is always a pleasure examining existentialist open-ended questions, and Lusty-Cavallari clearly has a flair in dealing with them in a delicate manner.”
- Suzy Goes See