King Tereus lusts after his wife Procne’s sister, Philomela. Unable to control himself he brutally rapes and mutilates Philomela, hiding it from Procne until her discovery reaps an unspeakably shocking revenge.

This modern retelling strips back all pretensions of grandeur and zeroes in on seemingly everyday characters caught up in a story of unspeakable violence and cruelty as the slow crawl of realism becomes the terrible spectacle of tragedy.

As part of the 2014 Sydney Fringe, Montague Basement is proud to present its dark and provocative inaugural work.


Written & Directed by Saro Lusty-Cavallari
Produced by Imogen Gardam
Assistant Producer - Courtney Thompson
Dramaturgy - David Potter
With Christian Byers, Lulu Howes and Victoria Zerbst


"This is theatre that will leave you talking long and late into the night, and stay with you for many weeks to come."

"Announces Montague Basement's commitment to making works that "don't ompromise and participate in a bigger conversation" with a bold flourish"

"...a brave and adventurous spirit that emerges alongside thoughtfulness and subtlety."