22 FEBRUARY - 4 MARCH 2016


"You do not fit inside your body. It is yours but you have outgrown its shape. If only your skin could grow as you grow, change as you change, stretch to fit you. If only you could become something more beautiful and not just something else.

I'm going to be so late."

Kaleidoscope tells the story of a normal day in the life of Gabriel, a young trans guy just trying to leave his house. In a one-sided conversation with his reflection, Gabe reveals regrets of lost love, anxieties about sex and flirting, and the struggle to be trans and gay in the Sydney clubbing scene. As he deals with who he sees reflected back at him, he becomes so much than what the mirror shows him.

A play written and performed by two young men who feel its sentiments deeply, Kaleidoscope celebrates the bravery of so many trans, non-binary, and gender diverse individuals. Vibrant, frank, and funny, this is a discussion of identity captured in one talkative, well-dressed man.


by Charles O'Grady
Co-Directed by Finn Davis and Charles O'Grady
Produced by Imogen Gardam
Designed by Saro Lusty-Cavallari
With Oliver Ayres


"Vibrant, funny and concise"

"This is theatre for the ages."

"a heartfelt and touching story to watch"

"O’Grady’s masterful writing and Ayres’ superb performance evokes such a complex, deeply human character. I had forgotten what true empathy can do. This is not only a very important play, but also a very good one."

"brutally honest"

"Kaleidoscope is that rare thing: A piece of art which restores faith in the idea that works of imagination can have an invigorating effect on the minds of it audience, that they can provoke empathy with people utterly unlike the people in it, and that they can have a real positive effect in the world."

"an incredible and powerful achievement"