1 - 5 DECEMBER 2015


Aye, there's the point!
Every year without fail, at least once, we pay money to go to the theatre and watch a young man grieve for his father, descend into madness and then destroy himself and everyone around him. We speak of Hamlet's morbid obsessions as if they're alien yet for centuries we have not let the sweet prince say goodnight, so why should he?

In this drastically streamlined reimagining of Shakespeare's most famous and debated play, Montague Basement presents a Hamlet haunted in more way that just one. The memories and legacies of theatre's most prolonged phenomenon will swirl in the prince's mind as he hurtles towards the ultimate performance; "to die, to sleep...."


by William Shakespeare
Directed by Saro Lusty-Cavallari
Produced by Imogen Gardam
With Zach Beavon-Collin, Robert Boddington, Christian Byers, Lulu Howes and Patrick Morrow.


"innovative and creative"

"the team in this production of Hamlet is determined to locate, in Shakespeare, relevance and resonance for themselves, and subversion it seems, is the only way."

"thoughtful and powerful"

"this Hamlet is ultimately one which mirrors Hamlet himself – it feels alive, dangerous; unpredictable"

"a drama that is beautiful to watch and even more beautiful to think about"

"contemporary and shocking"

"Aberrance from the original play in [Ophelia's] death is immensely affective, evoking a gut-wrenching response from the audience."

"a snappy, engaging 90-minute, five-character version."